Goals and Benefits


  1. Performing brain-based research to answer both computational and natural research problems based on neuro-psycho-basis. That is to understand how the brain, as our machine for cognition and psychology, influenced by technology and how it influences the technology.
  2. To encourage the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary-based research and thinking methodology among the academic community in UoZ and in the region.
  3. To encourage the collaboration culture among academia (faculty members and postgraduate students) and the society in UoZ, to let the scholars solve the problems in the society, so to produce a more stable and healthier community.
  4. To accept and graduate postgraduate students from the related postgraduate programs, as the CCNP lab has to be well-equipped, the list of necessary experimental machines are listed at this proposal-document.


  1. Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students Will:
    1. Gain broad exposure to the unique psychological, computational, cognitive and neuroscience research.
    2. Interact with faculty and students across different departments
    3. Learn research methodologies for interdisciplinary research
    4. Participate in enrichment activities such as journal and seminar series;
    5. Learn the scientific methods of how to present experiments
    6. Enhance their competitiveness for graduate programs
  2. Faculty members will:
    1. Have access to CCNP’s unique equipments to facilities interesting conducting experiments 
    2. Have the opportunity to work in a highly collaborative interdisciplinary research environment across the UoZ campus, and globally. 
    3. Be eligible for reassignment time for conducting undergraduate and postgraduate research and training 
  3. An academic achievement: CCNP lab @ UoZ can be considered one of the applications of the Bologna Process, where it enables the related interdisciplinary postgraduate programs  to be offered on-campus (i.e.computational psychology, cognitive robotics). This is by offering modular courses on-campus for the given master or Phd degrees, organized by multiple departments.
  4. Global marketing of the UoZ: joint postgraduate programs can be designed for UoZ students, where academic and scientific collaborations will make CCNP research efforts more strong and hearable in the global academic community.
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