Group Members

The CCNP lab is joining the globally multidisciplinary research efforts on neuro-computing. To do so we have established a team of diverse members but with the necessary disciplines to jointly solve the problems matter to computational machines, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, philosophy, neurosciences, philosophy and ultimately the society at the end of the day.

Ismael A. Ali, PhD
Computer Scientist/Cognitive Computing
Lab Principle

Zahid M. Jacksi, PhD
Psychologist/Developmental and Educational Psychology

Masoud M. Hassan, PhD
Statistician/Bayesian Statistical Modelling

Hassan A. Tahir, PhD Candidate

Omar M. Malallah, PhD Candidate
Computer Engineer/Robotics

Amad K. M. Salih, PhD
Philosopher/Theory of Mind

Ramadhan J. Mstafa, PhD
Computer Scientist/Digital Signal and Image Processing

Dindar S. Bari, PhD
Physicist/Medical Physics

Lab’s Current Students

  • PhD:
    • Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah
    • Ari Shawkat Tahir
  • Master:
    • Hajar Hasin
    • Sibar Khalid
    • Asaad Khaleel Ibrahim
    • Ayad Abdulrahman Saleem

Lab Graduates

Fuad A. Tahir

BSc Computer Science/Neurorobotics

Hayhat N. Ali

BSc Computer Science/Neurorobotics

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